by Capt. Frank Houser

Back in the 60’s, we were catching the majority of our fish one of two ways.  If we wanted to use artificial bait, we would use bingo lures, and would bump them slowly on the bottom of the ocean floor.  (The plastic slow wiggler was not invented at this point yet).  If we did not want to use artificial, we would use bass worms to catch our Redfish and Trout.

Along about the 70’s or so, the Mirror lures came into popularity, which gave us our “top” lures.  Also during this time came the “bass” lures and the “touts”. When the tout jigs came about, the first colors I remember using were strawberry and white.  I even remember winning a tournament using the strawberry and white at Trinity Bay.  Mirror lures that would sink slowly to the ocean floor began to transform the way we fished with lures and not soon after that, did the broken back lures come into popularity. These had a slow retrieve and worked really well for Reds and Trout.

Then, around 1980, I showed up in the Rockport fishing area, from Houston, Texas.  My favorite lure back then was the Gold Spoon; because you just can’t beat the Gold Spoon! Next came the Kelly Wigglers, followed by the Flagtails, which were for those that could not use the Salt Water Assassin or Rat Tail.

Altogether, I have around 50 years experience fishing and over 30 years experience guiding in the Rockport area.  So I would like to invite you to explore the back bays and flats with me – Texas style.  Whether you are new to saltwater fishing, or an experienced fisherman looking for some famous Rockport action, you will have a great day on the water. Redfish and Trout trips are my specialty aboard a Majek Skiff or custom air boat.  Seasonal Duck Hunts and fish/hunt combo trips can also be arranged.

Please go to www.rockportfishingcharters.com for more information and then call 361-229-2527 or 361-729-8237 for outdoor report and reservations!  (Please be sure to leave your area code)