by Capt. Kevin McCoy, Reel McCoy Fishing Guide Service

August is here and summer break is almost over.  School will be starting and folks will be back to some sort of routine.  Relative to fishing and the Coastal Bend, there will be less boats on the water making a day more relaxing and pleasurable.  Overall, there will be less folks visiting the area.  Weekends should be a little less crowded.

Trout, reds, and black drum will be the main fish being targeted.  Live and dead bait will be the main presentation.  Numerous bait stands are selling prime bait to anglers.  Trout will be on drop offs and grass and shell structure.  Reds are in the flats on drop offs and other land structures.  Black drum generally are in schools and shrimp will be the main offering.

Less people on the water does not mean safety is still not important.  The most important aspect of any fishing trip on the water is safety.  Folks use common sense, respect, and a well thought out plan.  If you are on the water at night extra precautions are in order.  Lighting is of the utmost importance. Being legal is one thing but, being visible is the most important aspect of being on the water at night.  Have a very visible presence is imperative.  Safety folks is number one!

As most of you already know there is so much to do and experience here in the Coastal Bend.  Rockport and Port Aransas are running strong and have recovered from Hurricane Harvey.  Beaches, shopping restaurants, and all types of water activities are waiting for you.  There are a lot of service-oriented folks in this area waiting serve you and ensure your trip is a good one. With less people in general, now is the time to take that road trip, have some fun and relax.

Until Next time: Go Fishin!

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