Redfish Rodeo Time In Rockport
Capt.  Aerich Oliver

With this gorgeous Spring Time weather approaching the fish seem to be enjoying the sunshine.  The “Big Uglies” or oversize big black drum are beginning to run in the deeper channels and the reds have started to rodeo it up.  By rodeo up I mean:  redfish school up and get really strange, and they are afraid of the bottom of the boats. When one boat finds a school then they usually either call other boats in or other boats see them fighting fish and come over to join in on the fun.  The boats usually circle around in a big circle therefore holding the redfish in what they think is a bull ring.  The reds think they can’t escape due to all the boats.  When this happens, the reds are usually on a feeding frenzy and everyone catches their limits in a really big hurry.  They do if the tempers don’t get too bad with all the tangled lines.  When rodeo’s happen join in on the fun, laugh, catch fish and have a great time.  Hey so what if you get bucked off, or a line broke a few times, there are plenty of reds for everyone.

Shannon Sawyer with huge black drum!

People ask me all the time when is the best time to fish, and my answer is simple, anytime you can get away from your normal daily routine to fish is a wonderful time to fish.  Think about this, even if it is raining, or the wind is blowing, or the fish aren’t biting very fast, or the sun is hotter than you wanted and you are fishing, isn’t this better than you being stuck in that office, or laboring away at your normal job.  I try to make your fishing outing a “Great Time” for all.

I take lots of people fishing and most think they know how to fish.  I’m not trying to insult their intelligence, but they don’t fish the ways that have proven to me to bring the fish to the boat.  One of the first things to remember when hiring a guide, “You are paying him for his experience and knowledge”.  Most guides have their own methods and proven ways they want their customers to learn and do. For instance I usually do all the casting in my boat for several reasons.  First, I don’t want to spend over half of their time undoing their tangled up line on the reels.  Second, I don’t want to untangle lines that have been cast over the other lines already out.  Third, I set the boat up to fish certain pot holes, guts, or cuts, which most of the anglers can’t even see.  They have no idea where to cast or actually where the bait is going when they do cast it.  But, of course I’m not talking about any one person in particular or maybe I am talking about you.  Have an open mind and listen to what the guide says.

Capt. Aerich can nearly hold these 2 “Big Uglies” (black drum)!!

Yes, I’m 22 years old but I have been fishing with my Pappaw Capt. Charles Newton, Redfish Charters, Rockport, TX since I was 4.  I have been driving the boat since I was 10 and got my Captain’s & guides license as soon as it was legal for me to do so the day I turned 18.  I have learned from one of the best guides on the water in or around Rockport, ask anyone in the area.  I don’t say this because he is my Pappaw, but because he is a “fishing legend”.  I live in Rockport and fish the waters in and around Rockport, Aransas Pass, Port Aransas & Ingleside.  I bring to you lots of experience and knowledge which I will be happy to share with you.  I’m also member of The Coastal Bends Guide Association and Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

If you have your own boat come along with me for just one trip and I will show you the areas and help you learn where you can and can Not run. And while we are at it, probably catch a few fish and have fun also.  You can even bring along your GPS system and mark the spots where we are.  You tell me what you want to know and we can “get it done”.

I provide fresh bait that I usually catch with a cast net that morning (I don’t want bait that is old or beat up in a bait tank all night).  The fresher the mullet, the more the reds like them.  We usually don’t go too far to our first stop and I’ll bait and cast all the lines out, usually 5 rod and reels.  I also provide all the fishing rods, reels, equipment and bait that you will need.  You bring your own eats and drinks in your own ice chest.

Jacob Wafer is 6’6″ and this drum is still  huge in front of him! 

We usually leave the dock at 7:30am and return around 1:30-2:00pm.  Remember to bring along a HAPPY FUN Attitude and be ready to listen to lots of BS that I put out.  No really, I do everything I can to help you learn some proven methods and ways so you can catch fish.  We have lots of fun and enjoyment.  I get my greatest thrills and smiles when you have landed that nice redfish and you are proud of yourself.  I like those reactions.  When we get in we can hang the fish up on a hanging board to take lots of pictures of your catch and of course you too.  After that I will clean, debone and package your catch for you to take home with you.  There are a lot of local restaurants that will cook your catch for you also.

Start your children or grandchildren out young and let them have a blast catching fish.  They will not only remember it for a lifetime, they will usually become fishermen or fisherwomen for life.  I’ll help ruin them and get them interested in fishing for life. 
Give my Meme, Beverly a call @ 361 729-8220 or text her @ 361 386-0459 and get on the calendar before your date gets taken.  Let’s make memories together.  As my pappaw would say “A bad day on the water is better than a good day at work”.  “Good Catching To You”


Rockport, Texas

Only hire a USCG Licensed/TPWD Certified Fishing Captain!