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Hello To Everyone,
Every now and then I hear that there are NOT any hotel rooms, cabins, ect., available for rent in the Rockport area after the Hurricane .  I somewhat disagree with that statement.  There WERE several hotels, houses, cabins etc., that were damaged (some severely), but many are back in business and reopened.  For a website address to check on availability go to on the Rockport Chamber of Commerce site.  Go to the same site for restaurants, etc., that are open, or please contact me.  Just because Hurricane Harvey caused catastrophic damage and it was not in your front door-“out of site,out of mind so to speak”- please do not believe this community isn’t working hard to get back to some facsimile of normal.  It has been and it will be for months if not into years to come, but that goes without being said. Please do not think these people are not resilient.  They “Are” and they’ll give you the same smile, plus, as good as, or better than, the service you received before the Hurricane.  Consider the Rockport area for your next vacation.  Enjoy all the beauty God has made and what the Texas Coast offers.

I have stated this several times in previous Fishing Reports…”the fishing pressure is down considerably. There are very, very few people fishing, thus, a lot more fish to be caught”.  Right behind that statement is an old saying…”fishing is still fishing and not catching”, but I like the odds especially now.  We are using live Shrimp, Mullet (live and cut), cut shad, and cut Skip Jack.  On any given day you can load a boat quickly with Trout, and/or Red Fish, but the next day you’ll have a hard time trying to catch a few.  It is called fishing not catching, but again I like the odds. When you are doing your planning for a fishing trip make sure to check the weather.  The weather can change quickly and usually it will mean a significant change in the “catching” especially if the front comes out of the north.

Now lets start doing the check list for a successful fishing trip: 

1. a positive attitude.  It sure makes for a long day for you and your Family/friends if you’re dreading every moment.  If nothing else have a blessed wonderful day just thanking God for what opportunities He has given you

2. More times than not the trip has been planned for weeks, but the packing has not.  Trust me I’ve been guilty of this.  Why not plan the trip ahead of time and slowly pack things that you can pack, so its not all done the night before till 2am.  That too makes for a long day.

3. Do a thorough check of your vehicle???, the tires-the correct pressure, the wear on the tires, etc., it’s you and your Family’s safety.

4. Did you pack proper clothing.  The coast is many times hot and humid.  Did you pack accordingly?  I wear Magellan 100% Nylon long sleeve shirts and long pants.  To me it is cooler.  Make sure to add a light jacket just in case.  Out on the water it is cooler.

5. Bring 30-50 SPF Sunblock. So many times clients do not.  Once you do apply sunblock in the morning lets say at your residence, or on the boat, wash your hands thoroughly.  Many of the sunblocks will kill the bait and act as a fish repellent.  Please wash your hands 2-3 times with soap.

6. If you’re susceptible to motion sickness make sure you have acted accordingly to the dosage, especially if you’re going offshore.  Most of the fishing I do for Trout  is in 4-6 feet of water and 2 foot , or less, for Red Fish.  Seldom ever do my clients take any motion sickness medicine because we stay in the bays where you can still see land.  Also, there are not any “swells” like the ones that are in the Gulf.

7.  Drink lots of water when you’re in hot humid climate even if you do not think you are thirsty.  I heard a phrase a while back, ‘by the time you think you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated”.  To me the phrase has significance.  I find that if I start a regiment of drinking bottled water first thing in the morning before the fishing trip, during the trip, and after the trip, I usually do not feel sluggish at the end of the day.

8. If you are taking your boat to the water hole make sure it runs and runs efficiently.  I can’t tell you how many times at the boat ramp I’ve seen people crank, and crank, then work on the engine for a while, and then crank some more until the battery is dead.  That also leads to a long day.  The boat motor – NOT immediately starting at the ramp – has happened to me even though I had used the boat for several days in a row before this particular day.  It was not because my boat had not been checked regularly.  NO, instead it was caused from a salt water corrosion build-up and was fixed quickly.   That leads to number nine….


9. Every time I have my boat, or boats, in the salt water I pressure wash them with soap and use a good fresh water rinse.  All the fishing Rods we use are also washed with fresh water…not soap.  I find that if I use soap on my reels they tend to hang up a little more.  I believe it is due to the soap helping wash away the grease and the oil lubrication.  Change your line often if you fish a lot in salt water.  The line seems to turn a bit “brittle” in a short amount of time. 10.) So many times a client wants to use his, or her, own tackle.  That is fine if they have the correct gear, etc. For just a suggestion unless you have done a lot of fishing on the coast and know what rod, reel, line, leader, swivel, barrel weight, and hook to use why not use the Guide’s equipment.  He has probably been a Guide for several years and knows the best to use.  But if you are adamant about using your own tackle do not gripe about the results.  Hopefully you catch your limits on your own tackle and can teach everyone a thing, or two, including the Guide. We all need to be open minded about our trade.  I know I try to. 11.)  Sometimes this thought goes by the wayside…pack a good lunch for everyone on the trip.  Even if it’s not “your job” that day make sure it is done properly.  Your Family and friends will appreciate it. 12.)   Beyond a shadow of a doubt do not take anyone, including yourself on your boat, without the correct life jacket.  It is your responsibility and do not take it lightly.  There could be people’s well being at stake and will be as soon as everyone gets in your boat.

Please have a blessed day and “Lets Go Catch You Some Memories!”

Thank you,
Captain Lanny Phillips – Tigernet Fish Guide Service

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