By Capt. Brent Hopkins – Owner of Ace in the Hole Guide Service


November & December is a great month in which to spend a little time on the bays and marsh in and around Rockport fishing and hunting. The daytime temperatures are usually very tolerable, there is less boat traffic due to the holidays, the fish are fairly predictable, and there is some hunting to be had if you’re a hunter.

Starting off with the weather; here in the Coastal Bend the weather is normally very pleasant. Daytime temps average around 65 degrees for the highs, and the lows around 50 degrees at night. Some days are cooler, some days are warmer, but nearly all days we are usually able to get out on the water in order to have a great day outdoors doing some of the stuff we love to do like fish and hunt.

With little to no boat traffic, on the water during time is a lot nicer because of not having to deal with so many people. For both trout and reds, fish the areas close to deep water. Darker bottoms such as a mud/shell or mud/grass bay bottoms should also be your preferred choice of areas in which to choose your fishing spots. (Fish tend to hold to these type of bottoms during winter because the darker bottoms hold more heat than light colored bottoms such as sand.) The presence of bait fish in the area you choose to fish is also a must during this time of year.

While trout fishing, artificial baits work best during this month, if you like to wade, but both artificial and live bait will work for reds if that’s the species you seek. Only thing to keep in mind though is to slow your retrieve down while using artificial baits. If you prefer fishing with live bait, you still need to slow it down, or fish on bottom with some kind of weight. Typically though, while fishing on bottom, you’re not going to catch too many trout if trout is what you’re seeking.

November / December in our area is also a very good month in which to get into some great duck hunting. The availability of lots of targets can be sparse due to the lack of cold weather across the country early in the season. But as we get deeper into the season, look out !!! We start seeing lots of birds due to the cold weather up north. There are so many different species of ducks that winter here it’s hard to name them all, but you will find a smorgasbord here in which to choose from and test your wing shooting skills.  If you want a little bit of both, hunting & fishing in the same day (Blast-N-Cast) trips are a great experience where we hunt in the morning then fish soon as we get the decoys picked up!

Some great days out on the water can be had during the last two months of the year. You can sleep late in the mornings before going fishing if you choose, or you can “get up before the chickens” and go do some duck hunting early, then fish the remainder part of the day after hunting because you’re already there! Whichever  You choose to do, I’m sure you’ll have an enjoyable day in the outdoors here in the Rockport area.

One final note. With this being the last month of the year, I want to wish you,

your family & friends, a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

God bless us all, because if it was not for him, we would have nothing.

Until next time remember, when the cards are down and the bet is called, you have your Ace in the Hole.

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